Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wheelie Monster

The Wheelie Monster. its pure evil and i hate that mom & dad allow it in the house. every time the wheelie monster comes out mom or dad disappears for what seems like forever. i dont quite understand it but mom says when she leaves with the wheelie monster it helps her buy us more toys. Toys or no toys im not giving up without a fight. past attempts to keep mom from falling prey to the monster include #OperationSuitcaseSneakyPee and #OperationFaceLickOverload. Both were failed attempts.

strategy meeting

Fueled by my disgust for the wheelie monster my brother Teddy & I have developed 2 plans to keep our pack together. Which one should we try?

#1 my bro Teddy & i could live inside of the creature
Plan #1: Infiltration.  My brother Teddy & I could enter the belly of the beast and actually go with mom on her next adventure. The downside would be that I dont think there is enough room for dad to fit inside of the wheelie monster so he would have to stay home.

#2 can we make it fit in the trash can?
Plan #2: Disposal.  Whenever my folks put stuff in the trashcan, WE NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. Seems like a good plan but one thing i learned from #OperationSuitcaseSneakyPee is that wheelie monsters can easily be replaced.

What should we do?

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