Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wheelie Monster

The Wheelie Monster. its pure evil and i hate that mom & dad allow it in the house. every time the wheelie monster comes out mom or dad disappears for what seems like forever. i dont quite understand it but mom says when she leaves with the wheelie monster it helps her buy us more toys. Toys or no toys im not giving up without a fight. past attempts to keep mom from falling prey to the monster include #OperationSuitcaseSneakyPee and #OperationFaceLickOverload. Both were failed attempts.

strategy meeting

Fueled by my disgust for the wheelie monster my brother Teddy & I have developed 2 plans to keep our pack together. Which one should we try?

#1 my bro Teddy & i could live inside of the creature
Plan #1: Infiltration.  My brother Teddy & I could enter the belly of the beast and actually go with mom on her next adventure. The downside would be that I dont think there is enough room for dad to fit inside of the wheelie monster so he would have to stay home.

#2 can we make it fit in the trash can?
Plan #2: Disposal.  Whenever my folks put stuff in the trashcan, WE NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. Seems like a good plan but one thing i learned from #OperationSuitcaseSneakyPee is that wheelie monsters can easily be replaced.

What should we do?

Monday, May 23, 2011


look at all my new spots!
when my folks first said they thought i was TICKING i was a little scared because i thought it meant i was growing blood-sucking bugs all over my fur. well i checked with my pal google and it turns out that TICKING is what people call it when maturing Jack Russell Terriers start getting little spots all over their bodies.
101 Watsons?
relieved that i wasnt going to get my blood sucked by a bunch of ticks i started imagining what would happen if i had so many spots that people thought i was a dalmatian... and then suddenly there were 101 of me... do you know how many squirrels i could catch if there were 101 Watson Dalmatians? a guy can only fantasize...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is my brother really a dog?

my brother Teddy

we got my brother Teddy from the dog pound so i think we all just assumed he was a mutt. but the more i look at him the more i wonder if he has been hiding his secret identity.  ive never seen another doggy that looks like him... but i did find the photos below. my brother is awesome so i love him no matter what... but i kinda think he might have some cousins he doesnt know about. you be the judge:


Peter Haken /

markuso /

Michelle Meiklejohn /

Hal Brindley /

Monday, May 16, 2011

Intergalactic Exploration Adventure

my bro Teddy on his first hike
WOOF!  i knew my bro Teddy would love his first hiking adventure but i didn't know we would find what we did on our exploration.

it started off like a normal hike. there were lots of flowers and trees and mountain critters hiding from us in the bushes.

up the mountain we go

we were halfway up the mountain when in the distance we saw something that looked kinda strange like a UFO.  were space squirrels invading our planet? since im always on #squirrelpatrol i knew we had to go investigate. 

see the strange white thingy in the background?

we hiked and hiked and hiked (it was a cloudy day so there was no sun to make us tired) until we got close to the strange craft. it turns out it wasn't a spaceship but it was a place that could help us search for intergalactic squirrels. 

it wasn't a spaceship. it was the Griffith Observatory
the Griffith Observatory was great. there was so much to see and do:

my bro Teddy loved the sweeping views of L.A.
what was in that big dome?

inside the dome was a giant telescope... if there was an
alien invasion we would see it long before it got to earth

this guy had a great view of
the Hollywood sign.

we had a grrrreat time on our adventure and it turns out that there is no threat of an intergalactic squirrel invasion... so feel free to relax... at least for now...

space squirrel invasion?
not on my watch.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We can ALL be Champions

this year i had the privilege of participating in the Teddy Olympics with my fellow twitter anipals. Brilliantly organized by @Ollyted @SpencerTeddy & @MarshallSheldon the #TeddyOlympics has different events that all the animals on twitter can compete in by sending in photos of themselves. these were my entries for the 2011 games :
Anipalete - Squirrel Chasing
Anipalete - Tug-o-war with Teddy

Balltastic via my bro Teddy
Treats Competition
Hugs with my bunny

Naps Event
Peek-a-boo in my blue hoodie

Double Naps with my bro Teddy
i trained very hard for each event but the competition from all the talented anipals around the world was fierce (go to the Teddy Olympics page & click on each game to see all the entries).

you can imagine my surprise when @Ollyted announced that EVERYONE who entered is a winner and he was sending Teddy Olympics medals to ALL of the athletes. i never ever got a letter before so getting a package from the UK was so exciting.  my medal is so beautiful and every time i look at it i remember that if we try hard and believe in ourselves we can all be champions.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Unwanted Visitor

WOOF! usually when someone comes to visit it results in an abundance of bellyrubs and treats, so its not often that i can say i had a visitor i didnt like. well recently out of nowhere a little pink guy popped up on my face and i was NOT happy.  he didnt even ask my permission before camping out right next to my nose.
my benign pest

mom took me to the vet and in no time the little pink pest met his demise. the vet said he might come back but mom & dad are researching healthy options to make sure the pink guys know they are not welcome. so heres a warning to anyone who is thinking of making an unannounced visit : either come bearing bellyrubs & bacon or be ready to get booted. Grrrr.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a Big Brother

me & my little brother Teddy
i recently got a new little brother named Teddy.  being a big brother is a lot of fun because i get to teach Teddy how to do things like hunt for squirrels and scavenge for dinner scraps.
Teddy & his "tuff ball" 

my bro is super smart but the one thing he hasn't caught on to yet is how to clean up the scene of a crime A.K.A dispose of the evidence... 

in the doghouse...
im sure he will catch on someday but until then we are both practicing our #sadpuppydogeyes...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Learning to blog

im new to blogging so i want to make sure i dont make any crazy mistakes like i did when i first joined twitter.  i was warned that twitter lingo can be confusing so i used to google everything i didnt understand before posting comments. boy did i feel bad when i learned that BOL meant "bark out loud" and not "be on later" like google had told me... im pretty sure i lost some friends when i said things like "im sorry you dont feel well BOL..." yikes! no worries because i think im catching-on to this blogging thing pretty quick... except i cant figure out why no food comes out when i click the SPAM button on my inbox...