Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being a GOOD BOY has its perks

guys like this always tease me for no reason 
WOOF. ive never been a Menace to Society but its no secret that i have a tendency to go a little #SquirrelCrazy.  Whenever i see a squirrel or a gopher or any other little critter there is an unstoppable force that explodes from within and causes me to attack & conquer all fluffiness by any means necessary. ive even escaped my leash and run across multiple lanes of traffic while in hot pursuit.

i showed Teddy my favorite spot at the top of
Runyon Canyon
well the other day i took my brother Teddy hiking to the top of Runyon Canyon. i showed him all the sights and introduced him to the other doggies on the trail and made sure he had lots of water. there were a lot of furry creatures in the canyon but i didnt pull and try to run off the trail like i normally do. Mom & Dad said i was being a great big brother and said i should be rewarded for being such a GOOD BOY. Thats when it happened:   For the first time EVER i got to run down the mountain WITHOUT A LEASH. Needless to say IT WAS AMAZING:
i felt so free exploring without my leash
it took Teddy a while before he embraced our
off-leash freedom
we ran through some bushes but we didnt run away

i was so exhausted after running down the
mountain that mom let me sleep
under the A/C  on the car ride home.

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