Monday, May 16, 2011

Intergalactic Exploration Adventure

my bro Teddy on his first hike
WOOF!  i knew my bro Teddy would love his first hiking adventure but i didn't know we would find what we did on our exploration.

it started off like a normal hike. there were lots of flowers and trees and mountain critters hiding from us in the bushes.

up the mountain we go

we were halfway up the mountain when in the distance we saw something that looked kinda strange like a UFO.  were space squirrels invading our planet? since im always on #squirrelpatrol i knew we had to go investigate. 

see the strange white thingy in the background?

we hiked and hiked and hiked (it was a cloudy day so there was no sun to make us tired) until we got close to the strange craft. it turns out it wasn't a spaceship but it was a place that could help us search for intergalactic squirrels. 

it wasn't a spaceship. it was the Griffith Observatory
the Griffith Observatory was great. there was so much to see and do:

my bro Teddy loved the sweeping views of L.A.
what was in that big dome?

inside the dome was a giant telescope... if there was an
alien invasion we would see it long before it got to earth

this guy had a great view of
the Hollywood sign.

we had a grrrreat time on our adventure and it turns out that there is no threat of an intergalactic squirrel invasion... so feel free to relax... at least for now...

space squirrel invasion?
not on my watch.

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  1. What a brilliant adventure, guys! We sure feel safer over here knowing that you are keeping a look out ... you are our heroes!