Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a Big Brother

me & my little brother Teddy
i recently got a new little brother named Teddy.  being a big brother is a lot of fun because i get to teach Teddy how to do things like hunt for squirrels and scavenge for dinner scraps.
Teddy & his "tuff ball" 

my bro is super smart but the one thing he hasn't caught on to yet is how to clean up the scene of a crime A.K.A dispose of the evidence... 

in the doghouse...
im sure he will catch on someday but until then we are both practicing our #sadpuppydogeyes...


  1. ohai Watson! Concats on your noo brofur Teddy. Him looks cute an its nice him izn't too huje. Thoz iz rillly nice harnessez you haz on too, you looks hansome! Haz fun times an nice to meetchew Teddy.

  2. Congratfurlations on being a Big Brother! It already looks like he's learning the ropes! bol! Looking forward to hear more about the trials and tribulations of having a furbling!:-)