Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mom is Coming Home

HOORAY! MOM IS COMING HOME SOON! Don't get me wrong it sure has been fun having a man cave with my dad & brother Teddy these last few weeks... but I can't wait for my mom to get back from her business trip. Teddy says she smells like flowers and i love to fall asleep on her lap. Dad is frantically cleaning up so my brother Teddy & I are helping. Let me know if we missed anything:

Teddy put our toys away

i swept the kitchen
we ran the scary sucking machine

i brushed my hair so i would look like a gentleman

Teddy got sleepy making our bed

Anything else?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who could hurt a Loving Teddy?

my brother Teddy loves to smile
i love my brother Teddy so much that i would give up my last piece of bacon to make sure he is safe. he likes to wrestle in the mornings and he likes to lick my ears at night and he likes to chase squirrels at any time of day so i couldnt ask for a better brother.

this was the day Teddy came to live with us
i dont remember much about my life before i found my family but i think Teddy still remembers his. every once in a while he will cry when someone reaches to give him a hug or he hunches like he is hurt when someone just wants to pet him. Mom & Dad have never hurt us so it makes me wonder what happened to my brother before he joined our family. we got him from the pound and thats pretty much all we know about Teddy's past. As i think back about the good times ive already had with my brother i cant help but wonder: Who could hurt such a Loving Teddy?
Teddy trying on a jacket
worn out after a long day of make believe
Teddy is such a good athlete
this was the day Teddy puked in the car & i ate it

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pretty Petunia

my east coast pal Petunia
Last year when i went to my Granny's house for Thanksgiving i made a special friend named Petunia.

i loved all the leaves
Petunia's mom & my mom hadn't seen each other in a billion years so they just blabbed all day about old times while my new doggy friend took me on a walk near her house in West Virginia.

Petunia did NOT have fleas
which i thought was great
we talked about squirrels and bacon and squirrels and hamsters and squirrels as we made our way along the path.  Petunia didnt really like my joke about 3 squirrels walking into a bar but she did think it was funny when i tried to purr like a kitty.

we even watched
the sunset over the river

i hope that someday Petunia can visit my brother Teddy & i in Los Angeles. she is not my girlfriend but i do think Petunia is pretty enough to get chased by the #Pawparazzi

#SquirrelPatrol with Petunia

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being a GOOD BOY has its perks

guys like this always tease me for no reason 
WOOF. ive never been a Menace to Society but its no secret that i have a tendency to go a little #SquirrelCrazy.  Whenever i see a squirrel or a gopher or any other little critter there is an unstoppable force that explodes from within and causes me to attack & conquer all fluffiness by any means necessary. ive even escaped my leash and run across multiple lanes of traffic while in hot pursuit.

i showed Teddy my favorite spot at the top of
Runyon Canyon
well the other day i took my brother Teddy hiking to the top of Runyon Canyon. i showed him all the sights and introduced him to the other doggies on the trail and made sure he had lots of water. there were a lot of furry creatures in the canyon but i didnt pull and try to run off the trail like i normally do. Mom & Dad said i was being a great big brother and said i should be rewarded for being such a GOOD BOY. Thats when it happened:   For the first time EVER i got to run down the mountain WITHOUT A LEASH. Needless to say IT WAS AMAZING:
i felt so free exploring without my leash
it took Teddy a while before he embraced our
off-leash freedom
we ran through some bushes but we didnt run away

i was so exhausted after running down the
mountain that mom let me sleep
under the A/C  on the car ride home.