Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We can ALL be Champions

this year i had the privilege of participating in the Teddy Olympics with my fellow twitter anipals. Brilliantly organized by @Ollyted @SpencerTeddy & @MarshallSheldon the #TeddyOlympics has different events that all the animals on twitter can compete in by sending in photos of themselves. these were my entries for the 2011 games :
Anipalete - Squirrel Chasing
Anipalete - Tug-o-war with Teddy

Balltastic via my bro Teddy
Treats Competition
Hugs with my bunny

Naps Event
Peek-a-boo in my blue hoodie

Double Naps with my bro Teddy
i trained very hard for each event but the competition from all the talented anipals around the world was fierce (go to the Teddy Olympics page & click on each game to see all the entries).

you can imagine my surprise when @Ollyted announced that EVERYONE who entered is a winner and he was sending Teddy Olympics medals to ALL of the athletes. i never ever got a letter before so getting a package from the UK was so exciting.  my medal is so beautiful and every time i look at it i remember that if we try hard and believe in ourselves we can all be champions.

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