Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's the Difference?

Teddy was shocked when he read about
inequality, but happy that people are getting
along better now
WOOF! Recently my brother Teddy asked me about Martin Luther King Jr. and why his name is on our calendar for next Monday. Teddy is very young but I did my best to explain to him about unity and injustice and how awesome it is that we can have pals from so many different backgrounds and countries and religions. I told him that when our granny was young she wasn't even allowed to go to school with some of her friends just because of what she looked like.

My brother Teddy said he would gladly lick the face of anyone who wanted to give him treats & bellyrubs, no matter what they looked like. I think my brother Teddy is pretty wise.

a dog is a dog no matter what they look like