Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who could hurt a Loving Teddy?

my brother Teddy loves to smile
i love my brother Teddy so much that i would give up my last piece of bacon to make sure he is safe. he likes to wrestle in the mornings and he likes to lick my ears at night and he likes to chase squirrels at any time of day so i couldnt ask for a better brother.

this was the day Teddy came to live with us
i dont remember much about my life before i found my family but i think Teddy still remembers his. every once in a while he will cry when someone reaches to give him a hug or he hunches like he is hurt when someone just wants to pet him. Mom & Dad have never hurt us so it makes me wonder what happened to my brother before he joined our family. we got him from the pound and thats pretty much all we know about Teddy's past. As i think back about the good times ive already had with my brother i cant help but wonder: Who could hurt such a Loving Teddy?
Teddy trying on a jacket
worn out after a long day of make believe
Teddy is such a good athlete
this was the day Teddy puked in the car & i ate it

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