Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pretty Petunia

my east coast pal Petunia
Last year when i went to my Granny's house for Thanksgiving i made a special friend named Petunia.

i loved all the leaves
Petunia's mom & my mom hadn't seen each other in a billion years so they just blabbed all day about old times while my new doggy friend took me on a walk near her house in West Virginia.

Petunia did NOT have fleas
which i thought was great
we talked about squirrels and bacon and squirrels and hamsters and squirrels as we made our way along the path.  Petunia didnt really like my joke about 3 squirrels walking into a bar but she did think it was funny when i tried to purr like a kitty.

we even watched
the sunset over the river

i hope that someday Petunia can visit my brother Teddy & i in Los Angeles. she is not my girlfriend but i do think Petunia is pretty enough to get chased by the #Pawparazzi

#SquirrelPatrol with Petunia

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