Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beachy Birthday

this was me a year ago.
i was a lot smaller.
WOOF. i can't believe I've had my very own family for a whole year. Mom & Dad said that since my birthday is a VERY special occasion we needed to celebrate in a VERY special way. So for my first ever birthday party my parents took me & my brother Teddy to Huntington Dog Beach. I was so excited to touch the ocean for the first time and i even saw some #SQUIRRELS while i was there:

i had never seen that much water before.
the ocean is much bigger than my bathtub at home.

when we first got to the beach i told Teddy that
this water was for playing and not for drinking.
the ocean was just as beautiful as i imagined it would be

Teddy was so happy to be off-leash.
he was the fastest dog there.
i have to admit i did not go in too deep
but some dogs went out really far.

we saw so many happy dogs on the beach
but i think i was the only one having a birthday.
Teddy said he liked the smell of the ocean air
better than the smell of smoggy air.
the best part was that there were SQUIRRELS living in
the rocks at the back of the beach.
i climbed to the very top so i could make sure 
no SQUIRRELS were terrorizing the ocean.
 i think my 1st birthday celebration was a success. it makes me happy
that my family wanted to share the ocean with me.


  1. Watson it looks like you had a blast on your birfday! my mommy loves the beach but since we live in washington DC we cant visit it as often as we like. HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY FRIEND!